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Alpaca adventures and products

Welcome to Davidson Estate Alpacas! Also known as the DEA. We offer alpaca tours and adventure walks along with quality alpaca products (socks, hats, scarves, yarn)

Alpaca Tours

A tour includes feeding and hanging out with the Alpacas, and we accept groups of up to 10 people. It is $15 a person but free for 2 and under.


Alpaca Adventure Walk

On alpaca adventure walks we halter 2-3 animals and walk them around the property for 30-45mins. We then head to the back to interact with the herd. $100 for the first 3 people in the group, $30/person after that.

Custom experiences available starting at $100/hour

$100 for group up to 4

(any additional people: $30/person, up  to a max of 8)

Alpaca adventures

Sign up for your adventure!

Alpaca experiences are available on weekends between 10am-3pm. Please book your visit online. 

Alpaca Products

Alpacas are diverse creatures of the camelid family, who hail from the mountains in Peru. Come and join us and learn all about alpacas!

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